Thursday, December 23, 2010

sick too

i wasn't surprised about the cub scout/walk/run headache, but the week-long off on was tiresome. once it went away a cough replaced it & since then [weeks later] it still lingers.

Z has also had a cough, but thankfully hasn't gotten sick. at school they had another singing presentation, he sang jingle bell rock & the 12 days of christmas...well, kinda, he's not much of a singer. last year i remember one of the songs was feliz navidad & i heard him saying it the other day but he actually said "novigog". his last day of class was party day, i went in to help with crafts. i helped make a paper mouse with a candy cane tail.

B surprisingly made it through the semester without catching it either, a few days later he did though. he did absolutely fabulous in his classes, i have to say i'm quite impressed with his grades, but he knows going into a nursing program he has to. one night we went to his O.Chem teacher's art studio for a little end of the semester celebration.

Z's craft day & B's party day were the same day, next morning i woke up with cold #2.

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