Friday, December 24, 2010

the play

i forgot to write about this, so i'm just gonna write something quick....
i decided bc we're in the city, where there's culture & that although we're broke, we should go see the nutcracker. for once we actually left the house not late.

only bc the tickets were left on the dining room table.

which of course, wasn't discovered until we were there, parked & walking to the entrance.

thankfully, we were close to home, so it was worth our while to get the tickets & go back, but were still about 1/2 late or so.

Z didn't like it, he wanted to play with my phone & said he'd rather stay home & watch cartoons (FanBoy & ChumChum to be exact). i thought at the very least he would like the music, they had a full orchestra but he wasn't impressed. although later, when he'd hear the music on tv he would tell me the play stole the commercial's music...

B & I enjoyed ourselves, it was a good change of pace & nice way to get in the christmas mood.

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