Monday, November 29, 2010

cub scouts update

we barely made it up the hill in time, then we slowed down [just a little] to pick up Z at grammie's house & pick up some fast food, then know to get a bike. we told him to run in the house, pee & get his helmet, then we were out the door again. i ate my hamburger in 2 minutes while Z ran around.

i had been worried from the point we were told a bike ride was scheduled; Z hadn't really ridden his new bike much so no training wheels was still a bit scary. for practice i took him over a few blocks to a dead end street so he could ride in a quiet area, he practiced in the street & on the sidewalk. when he got his courage up we came over to our street, much busier & with a small incline. he kinda got the idea about keeping his eyes & ears alert for vehicles, but still had a long way to go.

then one day heading down the hill he lost control fell over the bike & landed his cheekbone hitting the end of the handlebars. it was just a bruise, but he wouldn't ride down the hill anymore. so practice was only riding up the hill, then he walked the bike down the hill, fun!

the day of the ride, we were the last ones to show up at the meet up point but we made it. B & Z had bikes & helmets & i walked the route, partially bc i wasn't sure how Z was going to do & if he [or someone else] lagged behind i would be there.

we'd been going on hikes around the local hills, but i was not up for this one. i didn't realize it was 2 1/2 miles, not mention i was a little hungover, dehydrated & short on sleep. i walked & ran, then walked & ran some more until we got to where i could see the park, then i was done. i walked & FB from that point.

Z did fabulous on the ride, had a really good time & didn't have any major problems. his pedal even came off at one point & he was able to catch himself before falling out of control. at the park they did cones & a few other exercises & all the boys had a great time.

i however didn't fair as well....i had lost my voice the night before & it didn't last long during the run walk ride whatever. i also got a headache somewhere along the way. thankfully i was able to hitch a ride back with one of the other parents, so i was warm & didn't have to run or walk, which was great bc i was done.

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