Friday, November 12, 2010

color me this

now that nana is so close to me, i try to go see her about every other day or so. i take food or snacks in for her so she has something different to eat. sometimes i bring in nail polish & do her nails for her & sometimes we just sit there & don't talk much, but i know just being there is a change of pace for her.

i bring Z with me probably about once a week, but we don't stay too long. it's a toss up, she likes seeing him, a lot of the other residents light up when they see a kid, but also he's just a ball of energy. we usually try to go out to the garden so he can run around, then some of the residents yell at him for chasing the cats. goodness people, he's a kid & a little run is not hurting those cats, but i guess that's what [some] old people do.

the other day i decided [& more importantly figured out how] to go in & color nana's hair. she's always been concerned about her hair greying [yes, even at 90 greys are not acceptable], but i'd been putting off paying the facility salon bc it's $40 plus tip, which is rather pricey when you consider a box of color is about $10.

i discovered the trick is to let the staff know the day prior to shower day that i'm going to do the color, so they schedule her shower for later & they rinse out the color. so i scheduled it, got the box of color & went in & did it. i hadn't ever colored someone else's hair before & nana had a good 6 months of growth, so although she's 90 & her hair is thin in some spots i used the entire bottle.

i did my best, but after the shower i brushed her hair out & found 2 little spots in the back near the scalp that i missed. oops! oh well, you really have to search to find them. nana said she's gotten lots of compliments on her hair, so i guess no one has seen the spots!

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