Tuesday, March 20, 2012

on ice

we went ice skating with the cub scout group.  we had been told of the outing weeks in advance & i was SO excited!  um, Z was like whatever.  i remember going ice skating once before when i was a kid, little, parents still married even.  for some reason i thought i would be able to just glide out on the ice like dorothy hamill, not my fault girl made it look so easy.

i looked it up, it was the olympics of 76, so i was about 5 years old.  i fell a lot.  i cried a lot.  then i said it was bull**** & i was done with it.  [it really wouldn't surprise me if i said that, just so you know.]  i remember my parents trying to goad me out to there again but i wasn't having any more of it.

flash forward many years & now that i have roller skating & roller blade experience under my belt, i was eager to try again.  we were a little late, which you know, is what we do, so there were a few people there already giving it a whirl.  beings it was a group of newbies they rented "EZ skaters" - walkers for ice skating for all intentional purposes.

Z borrowed one of those & headed out w/B while i held on to the rail for dear life.  although B hadn't ice skated in a long time, it didn't take him long to get it back.  Z was out there, fast, it didn't matter how many times he fell he just kept on going & before we knew it he'd kicked that EZ skater to the curb & was falling all about without it, but that still didn't stop him.

i got going, finally able to let go of that rail a bit as it was quite similar to roller blading.  my calves would get sore really quickly though.  i could do 2 laps then i needed a break.  B tried coming along with me, but i couldn't hold his hand & skate, i needed to be on my own.  the only problem was i didn't learn to stop, which can be troublesome.  i little boy fell down in front of me & all i could do was yell to warn him of my eminent crash.  B said i actually called out his name, i have no recollection of that, but he was right behind me & he grabbed a hold of my waist & slowed me down some so i didn't completely run over the little one.

it was a good time, although Z fell numerous times he didn't complain.  i figured out i couldn't watch either B or Z skate as i would need heart medication.  we'll put that one down as a win & hope to do it again soon.

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