Monday, March 12, 2012

B's birthday weekend & another haircut story bc it's about that time of year....

B's mom & step dad came out for a visit for B's birthday.  they arrived on weds, so B & the boy were able to drive down to the airport to pick them up in the afternoon.  i didn't get to spend much time with everyone except for dinners, where we all ate like cavemen.

i don't remember what all it consisted of, but yeah, no vegetarians in this house.  then for B's birthday, one of his classmates gave us coupons to a local casino's seafood buffet.  yeah, let's gorge some more.  Z ate plates & plate of crab legs, then a couple of deserts, then 2 MORE plates of crab legs.  i was worried he might get sick on the drive home, he was fine though.

so on to the haircut story shall we?
one night Z's in the shower & mom-in-law says something about him taking a long time in there.  i didn't really think much of it, but the next morning when i went to shave my legs i noticed the blade was on backwards.  i'm not very smart so it took awhile for me to make the leap that the boy had been in the shower the night before.

alone with a razor.
& m-i-l had noticed he'd taken some time.

when Z got up i asked him if he'd used my razor & he said yes, he'd given himself a haircut in the shower.  that he thought of shaving his arms & legs too, but decided against it.  so i asked where? how? did he "give himself a haircut in the shower?" & he showed me [without the blade] how he shaved one side of his head, then the other, then the back.

the sides didn't show any obvious damage, the back however was shaved down to the skin.  it was not a good haircut.  B's first instinct was to shave his head completely, but the boy is much to light to sport that 'do.  so for a couple of weeks we just let it be & the long hair for the most part covered up the bald spot.

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