Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the work

do you have any idea how great it's been to not be looking for a job? to not search all the job boards & stalk all the company websites & more importantly not live on shoestring budget?
granted i'm not making much, but it is an income & it's great to have one again.

so the other day, out of the blue, one of my co-workers asks me if i'd like to come work at her husband's office.
run the place.
twice the pay.
oh, one more thing, fridays off, yeah 4 day work week!

where was this job last year?

i thought about it, went back & forth, talked with B about it... but i think i'm happy where i'm at, for now at least. i need training wheels, after 2 years of not working i've really lost my touch. plus i don't have a commute & my boss doesn't think anything of it if when i'm 10 minutes late [mainly bc he's like 15 minutes late, although occasionally he's early].

probably though, the biggest thing is that my boss isn't an ass. it's funny, a few people have said a few things about him, but honestly after working for old boss, this guy is easy.

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