Wednesday, December 28, 2011

christmas 2011

well, let's just get it out in the open - Z got a card & that's all we heard from her.

we had a nice christmas though.  for days before Z would get up & ask "is it christmas today?"  the night before we let him open one present  - the wooden marble run, he played with it for hours.  on the morning of, when i finally could tell the boy yes, his response was ok, then he went to use the bathroom.

he opened his presents & he was so happy he received so many of the items he'd asked for.  no, he didn't write a letter to santa, but he did write a list (with prices) from a toys r us ad.  he got the zombie lab that makes gross candy things, the pogo stick (which is quite fun & even more difficult), a rock growing kit, a game with hand racquets where you catch & throw a ball & i don't remember the rest.

we spent the day playing his games & trying out the pogo stick (& more importantly not going through the sliding glass door).  then in the evening we were about to head over to neighbor J's when the meltdown happened.

it may be from all the recent talk, but it came out - this was the worst christmas ever.  yeh....bc he only got 7 presents was his argument.
& bc we're horrible parents we offered to return 1 of his presents & buy him a bunch of little cars instead.  then he went on to ask how much money was spent on the presents.  like that really matters, but at this point in time, to him, it did.
so in addition to the presents we explained to him that we also just got his glasses (yeah, the boy got his first pair of specs) & when he was told how much $ was spent on those he seemed happy.

next year he will get a sack filled with many pieces of coal.

so once enough christmas tears were shed, we finally went to visit some friends.  there were a gang of kids & they had a good time running & playing.  i hope the boy remembers that part of christmas.  we had fun visiting with other adults.

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