Friday, November 18, 2011

turkey nightmares

so i'm getting into my groove at work [translates to i'm discovering my mistakes], so that's good, i guess.  funny that boss doesn't say anything to me though, just lets me mess things up. oh well, i actually learn best that way & possibly, what's really scary, is that he knows that.

now that i'm a real employee, i'm on probation.....for a much for feeling all comfy.
i already had to turn in my first self evaluation.  it was fun.
when boss sent it over to me he actually told me "don't be too hard on yourself".
SEE?  he knows me, i don't need anyone to tell me what a f-up i mother taught me well dammit!

so far the hardest thing for me to do was thanksgiving.  really, one wouldn't think so, but for me, it was.  first i had to figure out where to get the turkeys from & that's actually more difficult than i expected.  we don't have ovens, so i needed a hot, cooked turkey & really, not an easy task....well, factor in that it needs to be cheap too & that we were feeding between 40-50 people.

i finally found a place, but then i had to wait for boss to tell me it was ok to order & i needed $$ to pay for it & that was the part that was killing me.  yes, i know he was busy with important things, but dang, i honestly was having nightmares about the thankgiving potluck & no flipping turkey & my ass was fired.  part of that was bc in prep for the potluck i don't know how many of the guys told me "that's not how blahblah predecessor did it" so in the end i would just tell them i wasn't her.....

we got turkeys ordered & i felt the weight lifted from my shoulders, it was great.

then i realized i had to decorate, which is so not my forte.
i went out to the room, pulled out the previous years decorations & ended up with a headache.  i went back to the office & pitifully asked a coworker to help me & she was awesome!  she moved the tables around so people could sit across from each other & put tablecloths up so they looked like drapes & all kinds of cute little things.  every once in awhile she would ask me "what do you think about this?" & i was at a loss.....yeah, i failed decorating in chick school.

the potluck went well, i could hardly eat though.  afterwards we cleaned it all up & i was so relieved it was all over.....then later i realized christmas is next.....let the ham nightmares begin.

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