Wednesday, November 16, 2011

house of good news

[part of that is bc we just aren't going to talk about the bad, stupid stuff]

today we got Z's report card, which is also 1st parent teacher conference of the year. i met his teacher at the beginning of the year for back to school night & B's been in to speak with her to check up on the boy, but other than that we haven't had much interaction.

overall on his report card, she said Z was a very bright child, for math he performs at grade level & could probably do better if he chose to. his reading & language wasn't quite as strong, but she said it wasn't anything to really be concerned about, that boys seem to have more trouble writing & reading. then for for life skills, he got all 'S's [satisfactory] with only 'N's [needs improvement] in observes classroom rules & demonstrates self control.

which, you know, could be SO much worse....

she also let us know she read some of his reports from last year, but she thinks he's grown up & is learning how to behave more appropriately.

i think this year's teacher is a much better fit for Z.
& now, we know what other parents feel like, this is how it's supposed to be.

good job kiddo!

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