Saturday, May 24, 2014

Swiss cheese 2014

So I was reading over some of my last posts & realized I should document, bc I forget everything, that in Feb I had to go in again for a mammogram & ultrasound. Apparently my boobs have a clock & they know when a year has past, in which they provide a sign to schedule the annual visit.

Again B noticed I had a large lump, right side this time.  It was so large it made last year's seem small. So I went in for the regular annual exam & my primary dr was like "that's really big". Unfortunately it wasn't the same Dr from last year, but none the less, she knew we needed to get this looked at.

The mammogram wasn't a big deal, but the ultrasound was a little surprising. You know it's not good when the technician (who does this all day long & has done it for years) goes "wow"....  There was a lot of picture taking, a lot, no really, A LOT. While I learned last year that my normal is not normal (hello, story of my life), this was a higher level of not normal.

After all the picture taking & consult with the Dr, the technician returned to tell me that everything was fine. I have dense tissue & Swiss cheese boobs. Ok, she didn't call them that, but that's what they are. I have a lot of little (& big) fluid filled pockets. The volume fluctuates with my hormones for added fun.

Although the appt took quite a bit longer than I anticipated, I left happy knowing I was ok.  A couple of hours later I got a call from the Dr, which threw me into a panic of course, but he just wanted to make sure I knew everything was ok.

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